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Volunteer Screening and Intake process

posted Dec 17, 2012, 12:50 PM by Pratima Bhatt

Re - Special Olympics Ontario would like to make you aware of key changes to the Volunteer Screening and Intake process

Effective November 1st, 2012, Special Olympics Ontario will be discontinuing the process of placing new volunteers on “Active – Conditional” Status while awaiting the results of Police Records Check. All new volunteers will require a completed Police Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Search to be completed PRIOR to commencement of volunteering.

A Police Records Check (PRC) can be completed through your local police department. Please remember that as a volunteer with Special Olympics Ontario we do work with a vulnerable population, as such when asked, you are required to complete a Police Records Check with Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS).

It is SOO policy to retain the Original hard copy of current police checks sent in mail (current mean not older than 6 months). Please note

1. Original hard copy will not be sent back to the volunteer in any case/circumstances.

2. Photocopy of police check with a note from SOO Community Official “I saw the original” is no longer accepted.

Teachers are not required to submit their police checks if they are coaches within our school programs. If a teacher is volunteering in our community programs and through auspices of the community without being registered in an existing school program then the SOO Volunteer policy does not change and they will be required to submit a reference check. Educators requiring a check in this instance will need to submit a current police check (A copy of OESC ID Card or a note from the Board will not be accepted for community use).

This change is a result of a differing insurance requirement that exists when teachers are volunteering for Special Olympics in SOO community programs versus teachers working in their own school who are under the responsibility of their respective school board.

Junior Volunteers (volunteers under the age of 18) must provide a clear police checks with VSS as soon as they turn 18 years old

Please Note: Special Olympics Ontario will accept original PRC’s with VSS conducted for other organizations provided that they are dated within the last 6 months.Completed checks should be sent to Membership Services at Special Olympics Ontario. If you have any questions about this process or your membership record, please direct them to Farkhanda Shahid, Membership Services at 1 888 333 5515 x241 or to